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U.S. News Rankings Leaked? This Happens Every Year.

We anticipated that the new U.S. News Law School Rankings would come out this week. That means we anticipated that the new rankings would be leaked beforehand. It happened last year; apparently U.S. News has more moles than Jack Bauer’s office at CTU.

We reached out directly to U.S. News rankings guru Bob Morse, but have not gotten confirmation yet of the authenticity of the leaked rankings. Again, the same thing happened last year; Morse didn’t confirm the leak until two days after we ran the leak on Above the Law.

But it’s not just bloggers and other internet junkies that think they are getting a sneak peak at the rankings. The faculty at Hofstra Law School is apparently very excited. A tipster reports:

Rumor has it the new US News rankings are leaked…at least enough that my law school has made it official. They’ve sent an email to professors, placed it on a TV screen in the law school, and a few profs. have announced it in class.

Hofstra has gone up to 86, from 100…

Well, if it’s good enough for Hofstra, I guess it’s good enough for ATL readers.

But if you are an NYU student, you better hope that these new rankings are some kind of hoax, or that Dean Van Zandt is wrong about the value of rankings

Here is the screen shot of the first page of the U.S. News rankings:

And our good friends over at Visualize Law put that information in a very pretty way:

Visualize Law has many fun charts here.

Here’s the rest of the top 100 on this illicit Flickr stream via Top Law Schools.

Okay, that’s the leak.

If it’s true, I don’t know what to say to our NYU Law friends. Getting bumped from their cushy #5 ranking has to sting a bit. But it’s great news for the University of Chicago law students. They’ve long contended that their school deserved to be in the top five and maybe those guys have finally gotten their wish.

Obviously, we’ll do a full break down if and when U.S. News confirms the leak.

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