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Williams Mullen Gets Out of a Pickle of a Lawsuit

Or make that a cucumber of one. Remember this allegation, from the lawsuit filed by former case manager Hanh Nguyen Allgood against the prominent Richmond law firm of Williams Mullen?

When the [office elevator] doors closed, [partner] Robert Eicher pretended to be sad and depressed. He asked Allgood for a hug. When she complied, he pressed his genital area against Allgood’s left thigh. Allgood felt something hard pressing against her thigh and attempted to pull away from him. Eicher held Allgood tighter to prevent her from pulling away, and pressed his genital area against her thigh even harder. Allgood was horrified. She pushed him away and stepped back. In response, Eicher laughed and pulled a cucumber out of his pants pocket.

We’re sorry to disappoint all you lovers of law firm gossip, but sadly, we won’t be hearing testimony in open court about the cucumber incident….

As reflected in the docket (PACER login required), Allgood’s case against Williams Mullen was dismissed with prejudice earlier this month, pursuant to the joint motion of the parties. Litigator Hunter W. Sims Jr. — a partner at Kaufman & Canoles, which represented Williams Mullen — confirmed to us that “the matter was resolved by mutual agreement of the parties.”

We did not hear back from either Hanh Allgood of her lawyer. But someone who knows Allgood reports that she is “glad to have it behind her and to move on with her life.” In sum, it’s “all good” with Allgood.

And Allgood has found new employment at a different law firm — hopefully one without cucumbers.

P.S. A second lawsuit filed against Williams Mullen by a former employee, alleging age discrimination rather than racial discrimination, remains pending (per the E.D. Va. docket).

P.P.S. We write often about the filing of civil actions or criminal charges, but we don’t always cover their resolutions. This is because we often don’t hear about it when these cases are resolved. If you’re aware of a matter whose resolution we have not yet covered, please email us and let us know. Thanks.

Allgood v. Williams Mullen, P.C. – dismissal order [PDF]

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