Morning Docket

Morning Docket 05.03.10

Apple iPad.jpg* The SCOTUS shortlist doesn’t have ten people on it anymore. [Wall Street Journal via ABA Journal]

* An Islamic woman’s lawsuit against a Michigan judge for forcing her to remove her hijab has been dismissed. He didn’t know the significance of her “hat.” [Detroit News]

* The only thing that upset a Connecticut lawyer about the Times Square bombing was that he missed Billy Elliot. [New York Daily News]

* Forward this article to your firm to get them to buy you an iPad. [MacLitigator via Legal Blog Watch]

* Lawyers get dinged (again) for profiting from bankruptcies. [Dealbook/New York Times]

* BP trying to get out in front of lawsuits over the Gulf oil spill. [Reuters]

* National day of prayer is causing serious acrimony. [Newsbuzz]

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