Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 05.18.10

Dick Blumenthal, Connecticut Attorney General

* Civil rights groups file a class-action lawsuit against Arizona over its new immigration law. [Los Angeles Times]

* “Hold up! That’s valuable…” Princeton issues a take-down notice on Elena Kagan’s college thesis. [TechDirt]

* Here’s one way to get into the Ivy League: Harvard undergraduate charged with faking his way into the university. When he knew the ruse was up, he allegedly put in transfer applications (full of untruths) to Yale and Brown. [Boston Herald]

* Money can’t buy you… a good movie review. [Media Decoder/New York Times]

* Is it cruel and unusual punishment to have this lawyer assigned to defend you in a murder trial? [New York Times]

* It depends on what the meaning of the word “in” is. Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal’s talk of serving “in” Vietnam was misleading. [New York Times via Gawker]

* Gay couples should steer clear of Malawi (and 37 other countries in Africa). [Associated Press]

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