Non-Sequiturs: 05.19.10

* Thank God they didn’t ask Sandra Day O’Connor to actually throw the first pitch at Wrigley yesterday; she is a bit on the older side. Then again, I bet she could approximate a strike better than Obama. []

* Yesterday, we started talking about commencement speakers. Today, Paul Caron gives us a very big list. [Tax Prof Blog]

* Remember George Reckers, the anti-gay clinical psychologist who got caught with a “rentboy”? The noted legal ethicist, Stephen Gillers of NYU, argues that lawyers who relied on his gay-bashing testimony have an affirmative duty to update the court. [New York Times]

* Supreme Court justices are like common jurors? I don’t know about that. Justices want to be there for the rest of their lives, while jurors just feel like it’s taking that long. [The Jury Expert]

* Counterfeiting Louis Vuitton bags = the latest form of helping terrorists. [Fashionista]

* A trinity of links documenting WASPs kvetching. (Yes, I just worked Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish imagery into the same sentence. Yes, I am self-satisfied.) [Ivy Style]

* People have been predicting the death of the yellow legal pad at least since I was in college. Probably longer. At this point, I think we’ll see a paperless bathroom (a la Demolition Man) before we see a paperless office. [Adjunct Law Prof Blog]

* Too bad New York State doesn’t really have the money to fund indigent criminal defense attorneys. But I guess you can just add “eviscerating a fundamental constitutional right” to David Paterson’s legacy. [New York County Lawyers’ Association]

* Larry Ribstein is changing his web address — and maybe expanding his reach. Goodbye, Ideoblog. [Ideoblog]

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