Non-Sequiturs: 05.21.10

* Law school exam hypothetical: Should a church lose its tax-exempt status if it uses its Twitter account to support a political candidate? [Going Concern]

* What is it about New York Law School grads and cupcake-making? Well before Lev Ekster, there was Mia Bauer, founder of the celebrated Crumbs bake shop. [Forbes]

* Is the Obama Administration trying to curry favor with Justice Kennedy? Guess who’s coming (or came to) the state dinner. [Gawker]

* Next Management and Ford Models duke it out — not on the runway, but in court. [Fashionista]

* Who says law reviews are good for nothing? For one former employee of American University, they were good for $400,000. [WTOP]

* Chief Judge Michael Mills, of the Northern District of Mississippi, knows how to administer stinging benchslaps. [NMissCommentor]

* Can Subway trademark the term “footlong”? In the sandwich context, maybe; in the sexual context, not so much. [Blogonaut]

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