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Notre Dame Law School Klepto Follows Class to London

When you think of Notre Dame Law School (ranked #22 in the latest U.S. News rankings), you generally don’t think of lies and deceit. But there have been some troubling campus security issues at the school. We previously reported on a creepy, fake 1L that was posing as a Notre Dame law student.

And we’ve heard rumors of the mysterious Notre Dame kleptomaniac. Some kid who has been stealing books around campus. Apparently this person has made the trip to London along with a number of Notre Dame students studying abroad.

The change of time zone hasn’t changed this person’s desire to steal. A tipster reports on “Petty Theft Law School: London”…

One student decided to submit a public service announcement to the Notre Dame law students in London:


First, pardon the mass email. I’m not one to normally do this, but I felt compelled to send one out on this occasion. The purpose of this email is simply to advise you to pay close attention to your belongings. It seems that the notorious Notre Dame Klepto is amongst our midst. Yesterday, one of my books were stolen from my locker.

After class I temporarily locked up my books with a low quality lock from Boots that could be forced open if need be. I then went out to look for a sturdier lock. When I returned, just a few hours later, my Federal Rules of Evidence book was missing from my locker. The reason I am sending you this email is not because I want to make a big fuss over the one book, but simply so that you can be aware that there is a thief amongst us and make sure that you pay close attention to your personal items.

There is some irony in a thief stealing a book on evidence.

It’s not very legal to run around stealing things. It’s not very Christian either, for what it’s worth:

I am sure the vast majority of you feel as I do about knowing that one (or various- who knows?) of our peers are stealing things at this point in their lives. Not only are we LAW students, but we are at a school that is founded on the principles of Christianity and being ethical. Stealing is not only illegal it’s also a sin. We are all sinners and have to work on our own faults and being better people; I hope that whoever is stealing is currently making an effort to stop this particular habbit of theirs. There are better role models than Madoff!

Hmm… yeah, I’m going to go on and say that I’m not wild about the Madoff reference there. Let’s hope the person was making an innocent reference to a famous crook instead of making a wholly inappropriate comparative religious inference. It’s not like Catholics are in the best position to be talking about role models just at the moment.

In any event, this public service announcement comes with a very sharp warning:

As for my book- I marked it on the cover, placed discrete marks on various pages on the inside, and I know what the cover looks like. So, unless you wish to be disclosed, don’t ever bring that book to campus. I will recognize it even on the day of the exam. Thus, if you have the book, please place it on top of locker 32. No questions will be asked and we will all be oh so very proud of our incognito klepto for taking a step in the right direction.

T’is all for now mates.


I imagine the person who wrote this email sitting there like Dog from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. You know, when the guys are stealing the money and Dog is sitting there, shaking his head, saying: “I’ll find you. I’ll find you.”

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