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The New York Times vs. Kashmir

As some readers know, I’ve had a dispute with the paper of record before. But this time, the Grey Lady has gone after a different Kashmir: the restaurant formerly known as the Kashmir buffet. According to Midtown Lunch, the eatery across from the NYT headquarters recently changed its name to the “Times Restaurant”:

Perhaps because journalists are trained to notice details, the NYT company took note of the familiar font in the restaurant’s sign. The NYT’s lawyers sent a message to the buffet and it wasn’t about their tasty samosas…

Their lawyers sent along a cease and desist letter. From Midtown Lunch:

The buffet formerly known as Kashmir (on 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th) received a letter asking them to change their sign, and they obliged (naturally). The whole thing is kind of hilarious if you ask us… obviously the New York Times has their customized font trademarked, and clearly “The Times Restaurant” was infringing on that trademark. But is anybody really confusing this run down Pakistani buffet with a restaurant that might possibly be affiliated with the paper of record? Doubtful. Most of us just look at the sign and laugh. The lawyers for the New York Times? Clearly not amused.

Lawyers just do not know how to drink a lassi and laugh a little. They’ve got “naan” sense of humor. Jeez, those crazy lawyers and their insistence on protecting a company’s brand when that’s what they’re paid to do… What is the world coming to?

The buffet decided to stick with the Times name, but adopted a boring new font. Since the name without the font is a bit nondescript, they should add some kind of tagline, perhaps: “All the curry that’s fit to eat.”

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