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Why Do People Care What Elena Kagan Looks Like?

Our contest to determine Elena Kagan’s celebrity doppelgänger has upset a few of our readers (and maybe one of our colleagues here at Breaking Media). One ATL commenter said:

Christ, this is the most insane post, and the fact that a woman posted this is most disturbing. How could you? She’s not sexy Sarah, we get it. I don’t recall a post on Alito’s looks? Perhaps because they’re irrelevant! I thank God everyday that I’m attractive since law school and being a lawyer only taught me something pretty sad – you are judged and treated by how you look.

Congratulations on being attractive!

The simple answer to your question: Alito was nominated in November 2005 and confirmed in January 2006, and Above the Law launched in August 2006. Plus, Samuel Alito is, honestly, not as interesting to look at as Elena Kagan. He maybe, kind of looks like Victor Garber. Boring!

(If we were going to talk about a sitting Justice’s looks, we would start with the hottie chief justice: looks like Rob Lowe, Joshua Jackson, pre-surgery Ashlee Simpson, or Sponge Bob Squarepants? You decide.)

Obviously, we here at ATL spend quite a lot of time thinking about the Nine (and often about how they look). But why does the rest of the country care? After the confirmation hearings, most of them will never see Kagan again, thanks to the High Court’s position on cameras in the courtroom. Lauren Sherman at our sister blog Fashionista explores and explains.

Question: Why Do People Care What Elena Kagan Looks Like? [Fashionista]

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