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Debrahlee Lorenzana’s Breasts: An Attractive Nuisance

It seems the world can’t get enough of Debrahlee Lorenzana, the former Citibank employee who alleges she was fired because she was “too hot.” She’s been making the rounds of the morning talk shows, and people have been absolutely gushing about her figure, which allegedly got her fired.

But could you call her body an attractive nuisance to the men and women who supposedly persecuted her for her beauty? Perhaps, since it now appears that Debrahlee’s boobs were not endowed, but acquired. Dealbreaker reports:

In this clip of her aforementioned knockers surgery, … she says she pumped them up to meet “a professional, well-educated man.”

Dealbreaker has a full clip of Debrahlee’s appearance on Plastic Surgery New York Style. Click here to watch it.

You could say that the video defines the word “busted”….

In the clip, Debrahlee says, “I love plastic surgery.” She also says, “I no longer want to have a natural look, I want to have larger breasts.” The video clip is real class, all the way.

But remember, there’s a lawsuit here. Let’s go back to some of the quotes about Debrahlee in the original Village Voice article that made her famous:

“Men are kind of drawn to her,” says Tanisha Ritter, a friend and former colleague who also works as a banker and praises Lorenzana’s work habits. “I’ve seen men turn into complete idiots around her. But it’s not her fault that they act this way, and it shouldn’t be her problem.”

Well, it kind of is her fault, isn’t it? If you graft a watermelon onto your chest, people are going to stare.

She says she loved to work, and eventually was earning close to $70,000 a year. “My ex-boyfriend says it’s my Spic pride,” she says. “As long as I have two hands and two legs, and can still walk, I will always work, so my son will have a roof over his head and food.”

In the clip, her plastic surgeon says that “gravity is always against us.” I guess “needing to walk” is why Lorenzana stopped just short of getting boobs so big she’d tip over.

Citibank does have a dress-code policy, which says clothing must not be provocative, but does not go into specifics, and managers have wide discretion. But Lorenzana points out that, unlike her, some of the tellers dressed in miniskirts and low-cut blouses. “And when they bend down,” Lorenzana says, “anyone can see what God gave them!”

Is Debrahlee angry that God didn’t give her quite as much as she had hoped for?

Despite this new revelation, her lawyer contends it has nothing to do with the merits of her lawsuit. The New York Daily News reports:

“Whatever her assets are, they don’t have a right to comment on them or objectify her,” said lawyer Jack Tuckner.

FALSE! Maybe men are supposed to look away when a woman walks into an office with a neckline plunging to her navel. But surely when a woman places objects in her boobs for the specific purpose of attracting a “professional” man, she’s got to assume some responsibility when men stare.

Don’t buy the ridiculous slippery-slope argument from Lorenzana’s attorneys:

“Does that mean it’s open season on a woman because she had her hair done or her nose done?” said William Sipser, another of her lawyers.

“Open season” — what does that even mean? Is she alleging that her Citibank managers groped her or pumped her full (of buckshot) and mounted her (on a wall)? No, she’s claiming that people looked at her, which is exactly what she wanted, and found her distracting — WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTED.

You know, her former Citibank managers should sue her for entrapment. You can’t bait a hook and then sue the fish for attacking your worm.

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