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District Attorney Looking for Lawyers — Free Lawyers, of Course

We’ve gotten used to private firms trying to take advantage of the terrible economy by convincing lawyers to sell their services for $0, but when it comes from a district attorney — a public servant with a law degree — it really stings.

A tipster reports that the DA’s office in Marin County (CA) is looking for new lawyers. The salary? Insulting:

Note: they’re not looking for a coffee-running intern; they want a full-on deputy DA. Yet they’re willing to pay him or her absolutely nothing…

Just because they’ve lowered their standards for fair compensation, they’re still hoping highly qualified people will be willing to work for free:

Position Requirement:

Applicants must possess a J.D. degree from a law school approved by the American Bar Association and be a current, active member of the California State Bar. Successful candidates must pass a criminal background investigation including a fingerprint and credit check.

A credit check? These people have law schools loans and are so desperate that they are willing to work for free. What do you think their credit is going to look like?

Minimum Requirements:

No experience is required but only applicants with outstanding academic records and superior oratory and writing skills will be considered. Applicants invited for an interview will be required to submit a writing sample…

You’d think “willingness to be exploited by the state of California” would be one of the “minimum requirements,” but no — it’s part of the damn job description:

Position Description:

The Marin County District Attorney’s Office is seeking applications from attorneys who are willing to accept unpaid, temporary positions that offer a valuable opportunity to gain courtroom experience including trying misdemeanor jury trials. Successful applicants will serve as sworn Deputy District Attorneys with responsibilities that include handling daily criminal calendars, handling various motions, trying misdemeanor jury trials, and conducting legal research. These are FULL TIME positions that require a minimum commitment of six months and may continue for up to one year.

Well, if you do the right thing, maybe it will turn into a paying position — a.k.a., a real job — after a year? Wrong again!

Due to budgetary constraints, the Marin County District Attorney’s Office is unable to hire successful applicants at the conclusion of their uncompensated term. Successful applicants may not engage in the practice of law outside of the office during their uncompensated term.

Have I mentioned that next year law school tuition will be going up all around California?

Of course, the Marin County DA’s office will now probably be flooded with résumés.

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