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Divorce Attorneys Have Competition from the iPhone

Marriage: an institution so sacred that two gay guys could ruin it with their love and commitment. But someday soon we might be able to get out of this sacred tradition using our phones.

Already there’s a company offering some basic divorce information via iPhone apps. Robert Ambrogi’s Law Sites has the news:

If you’re married to your iPhone but not so sure about your spouse, then DivorceApps.com may have just what you need. It is developing a series of iPhone apps designed for people who are considering or in the process of divorce.

Brilliant. Just as the digital age is opening up new ways for divorce lawyers to be effective, technology might be able soon obviate the need for most divorce lawyers altogether…

Right now, DivorceApps only offers basic research:

Two apps have been released so far. The first, Cost & Prep, is an app that helps people plan and track the costs of divorce and that also helps track key information that will be required in a divorce case. The second, Estate Divider, helps create an inventory of assets and liabilities and then calculate how best to divide them.

You can see where this is going. There will always be the high-level, contentious divorces between wealthy individuals that will require the expert advice of counsel. But a lot of divorces just involve two people who didn’t take “until death do we part” very seriously. Why should they have to hire expensive lawyers? Just upload your tax returns and pictures of the homewrecking hussy onto your phone, and bang, you’ve got yourself an iDivorce.

It could happen, which makes you wonder: What kind of person would start the lawyer haterade flowing? An attorney, of course:

DivorceApps.com is the creation of Dallas family-law attorney Michelle May O’Neil, who founded the company together with business partner Bryan C. Rice, a forensic CPA.

Well, if O’Neil and Rice do one day put a whole bunch of divorce lawyers out of business, at least they’ll be well-positioned to take advantage of the new divorce market.

Getting Divorced? Now There are Apps Even for That [Robert Ambrogi’s Law Sites]

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