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New Managing Partners Bringing New Blood to Biglaw
Leadership changes at Baker & McKenzie, Dechert.

Over the last 24 hours, there have been some managing partner shake-ups at some notable large law firms. Let’s tackle the news in Vault order. First up: Baker & McKenzie.

The firm has gone international to find its next managing partner. The WSJ Law Blog reports:

[I]f anyone had any doubts about the firm’s commitment to its international presence, consider this: It recently elected São Paulo partner Eduardo Leite as the next chairman of the firm’s eight-person executive committee…

Leite represents the firm’s first Latin American chair. And we can’t think of any other U.S.-based law firm that’s picked someone based in Latin America to lead it.

Am Law has a great quote about Leite…

Current Baker & McKenzie chairman, John Conroy, tells us all we need to know about Leite:

Asked which trait will serve Leite best in his new role, Conroy says, “His humanity.”

There you go: the new Baker & McKenzie chairman is human. Good to know!

Moving on to Dechert, it seem that no one man can fill Bart Winokur’s shoes. Am Law Daily reports:

Star litigator and top rainmaker Andrew Levander has been named chairman-elect, and will fully assume the role of chair next year. Private equity group head and vice-chairman G. Daniel O’Donnell has been named CEO-elect. Working with Winokur, Levander and O’Donnell will embark on a yearlong transition, the Intelligencer says.

It must be nice to have “top rainmaker” as part of your title.

Winokur didn’t vouch for the humanity of either Levander or O’Donnell. Just to be safe, I think we need to get Anna Paquin in here to see how she feels about the new guys.

What do people at Baker & McKenzie or Dechert think about their new overlords? Chime in via the comments, or email us:

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