Non-Sequiturs: 06.21.10

* If this site is any indication, BAR/BRI is not really holding people’s attention this summer. [Stuff To Do During BAR/BRI]

* Some advice on staying trim at a law firm. Apparently it’s very important that you are uncomfortable at all times. [TechnoLawyer]

* When sitting Supreme Court justices chime in on a future colleague, what do they say? [Huffington Post]

* How to succeed as a summer associate. [The Lawyerist]

* Do you believe in life after law? We do. [Ex-Lawyers Club]

* Another reason juries aren’t racially representative — and this one doesn’t involve racist prosecutors. [WSJ Law Blog]

* It’s the Summer Solstice, World Music Day, and time for another Blawg Review. All we need is a Corona to complete the latitudinal change. [IPTA Blog via Blawg Review]

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