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Real Ex-Law Student of New Jersey: Albie Manzo

New Jersey is taking over the world of reality television programming. Though it would surely be sheer torture to be locked in a room with a bunch of Jersey folk, their ridiculous antics and outsized attitudes make for great entertainment when confined to the small screen.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is by far the most popular of the Housewives series. It’s now in its second season, and it appears that many of our Above the Law readers are fans. We received a landfill’s worth of emails about the legal hook in last night’s episode. One of the Real Sons of the Housewives of New Jerseys — Albie Manzo, son of Caroline Manzo — was in law school. As he said in an interview on the Bravo website, in response to a question about his love life: “School makes the likelihood of any relationship working slim. I always tell my friends, sometimes I feel like I’m dating law school.”

Alas, Albie just got dumped by Lady Justice — he failed out of law school after only one semester, as viewers learned last night. Here’s a clip of Albie breaking the news to his mom. The reality TV hottie claims to have a learning disability that causes him to take three times as long as normal people to absorb information, resulting in a shameful GPA in his fall semester.

While the LD sounds like it could help Albie rack up some serious billable hours, the school wasn’t supportive. A tipster reports:

Albie said the administration told him that if he couldn’t cut it with his learning disability, lawyering probably isn’t for him.

Which law school had such harsh words for the learning-impaired Jersey boy?

Tipsters say Manzo’s future legal career is now swimming with the fishes because he got a “1.913 fall semester (including a shiny D+).” One tipster says:

Albie Manzo could easily take the award for hottest male law student ever, and is inspiring pitter-pattering hearts for female lawyers everywhere….

On the show he claims [his 1.9 GPA] is a result of a learning disability. Who knows if that’s true, but if so then I’m appalled at his law school’s response. Apparently the school told him that if he has a learning disability, he should consider another career. I’d love to know what piece of sh*t school had the idiocy to say something like that.

The show doesn’t name the school, but tipsters tell us he was a Seton Hall law student. We reached out to the school but have not yet heard back.

With grades like that, and the legal job market what it is, Seton Hall did heartthrob Albie a favor if it kicked him out. And given that the practice of law involves lots of learning, maybe it’s best that those with JDs not have LDs.

‘Real’ NJ Life: Albie Manzo [Bravo TV]

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