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Reality TV On Mission To Destroy Reputation of Law School Students Everywhere

Erica, of VH1's Cut Off

This is not a good month for legal types in reality television. Albie Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey failed out of Seton Hall Law School. Brooklyn Law School grad Victoria Eisner of Downtown Girls failed the New York bar exam. And now all of the law school classmates of Erica Rose have failed to live up to her expectations.

Who is Erica Rose? She’s a cast member of the VH1 reality TV show “Cut Off,” about rich heiresses whose parents have indulged their every whim. The nine heiresses thought they were going on a reality TV show about “The Good Life,” but instead discovered that their parents had dumped them in a communal house, cut off their bank accounts, and canceled their credit cards. Now they’re trying to figure out how to work real jobs and survive without a trust fund.

Erica met with a career coach in the show’s most recent episode to go over her résumé, which includes a J.D. He asks why she went to law school. She responds that she “hoped to be like Nancy Grace” or to be the future Judge Judy. Such lofty goals! He points out that those women “put in a lot of hours before they got on the air.” Her response? “But I’m prettier than they are.”

Then she segued into bemoaning the looks of her classmates…

It’s easy for Erica to stay pretty. Her father is a plastic surgeon. Here’s her bio from the VH1 site:

Erica is a pampered princess from Houston, Texas, who spends over half a million dollars of her dad’s money every year while still living at home. She has her own line of bejeweled tiaras and consults her personal astrologer for every life decision, no matter how small. Erica has never cleaned anything in her life and truly believes that a maid service less than three days a week is “roughing it.” Her father is a famous plastic surgeon, and Erica can’t imagine life without regular botox and lip injections. Now her family hopes she’ll learn the value of money and decide to make something of herself by cutting her off from her $1,000+ a day allowance.

Her parents also ponied up for law school. (Though we’re not sure how Erica finds time to attend between reality TV gigs. A fan of the show tells us she previously starred in The Bachelor: Rome Edition, on which she was described as a “socialite” and was really trying to become a princess, by nailing down bachelor Prince Lorenzo Borghese.)

Erica admits law school is hard (at the 8:00 mark in the video below). Why is it hard?

“It’s hard because the other students don’t have any other objectives so they spend all their time studying and don’t worry about maintaining their appearance.”

Shame on those dirty, ugly gunners. So which school admitted this princess and her troll-like classmates? If you know, email us. Gavel bang, commenters: She’s in the class of 2011 at the University of Houston Law Center.

She Works Hard For The Money [Cut Off/VH1]

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