Update: The Fastest Biglaw Lawyer in New York

Lawyers like going the extra mile — and we’re not just talking about meticulousness in contract drafting. For whatever reason, many lawyers like to run. Some go long distances, like the marathon (an event where lawyers excel, especially at young ages). Others are in for the shorter haul — e.g., last night’s Lawyers Have Heart 5K, in Boston. (Congratulations to all the finishers — and to Bingham, whose team raised the most money for the American Heart Association.)

Yesterday we did a quick item on lawyers and law firms participating in the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge in New York. We solicited your tips about interesting attorney participants in the race. Several readers wrote in to identify the finisher they believe to be the fastest runner from a large law firm.

Who is he, and where does he work?

A few tipsters identified the swiftest attorney as Jeremy Adler of Davis Polk. He finished an impressive 15th overall, completing the 3.5 mile race in 18:17 (pace per mile: 5:13). “His time is wicked fast,” noted one of our readers. “My guess is he ran on a collegiate team.”

Alas, Jeremy doesn’t seem to be “wicked fast” when it comes to applying for admission to the bar. Although the 2009 Penn Law graduate passed the 2009 New York bar exam, he’s still listed as a “law clerk” on DPW’s hottie-ridden website. C’mon, Adler, pick up the pace!

Perhaps he’s too busy training to bother with the (rather onerous) bar admission paperwork. Congratulations on your awesome time, Jeremy!

P.S. This is all in good fun. And I’m not one to talk about dragging one’s feet on bar admission — I passed the New York bar exam in 1999 but didn’t get admitted until 2001.

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