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We Knew This Was Going to Happen: Michigan Encourages Law Grads to go to India

Is this a “terrible job” or “the inevitable future of the legal economy”? Note: those two answers aren’t mutually exclusive.

The University of Michigan Law Schoolthe 9th-best law school in America — is now posting job opportunities from India.

Has it really gotten bad enough that graduates from a top law school should consider international LPO opportunities? Yes, yes it has….

The job is for Pangea3, one of the largest legal outsourcing companies on the market. Look at how they try to spin the “opportunity” for a bunch of Michigan students:

Role: Legal Research – Associate.
Designation: Associate.
Department: Litigation.
Reports to: Sr. Manager – Litigation.

Job Description: Pangea3 is looking for a recent law school graduate who’s looking for an alternative to the law firm route. The position will offer a U.S. attorney the opportunity to gain a global perspective on the legal services industry by joining a cutting-edge, dynamic, and fast-growing industry in an exciting, rapidly changing part of the world…

The Associate will be based in our state-of-the- art, ISO-certified facility in Mumbai, India. Candidate Profile: Recent Law graduates; Remuneration: Compensation includes competitive benefits and bonus.

It’s time to put on the Above the Law BS translator (hat tip: Mike and Mike in the Morning). Let’s see what this job description is really trying to say:

Job Description: Pangea3 is looking for a member of the Lost Generation who has been shut out of the U.S. legal market and has lost the will to live. The position will offer a U.S. attorney an opportunity to flee their country in a last ditch attempt to avoid paying back the money they owe to their government. All the entry-level jobs will be here in the future anyway, so you might as well get in on the ground floor.

The position is based out of Mumbai, India. Trust us, it’s much better than your “Wheeling, West Virginia.” We don’t need to tell you the compensation because you are desperate and your parents will believe whatever you want to tell them about foreign exchange rates and the CoL in India.

Surely, Michigan graduates can’t be the only people being offered this wonderful opportunity?

To be clear, I don’t mean to slam LPOs, I mean to slam a legal education industry that charges $100K-plus over three years yet leaves its graduates so hard up for employment that people have to leave the country. For the love of God, you realize that the Michigan student who takes this job will be counted as “employed upon graduation” by the Michigan propaganda information office.

If you go to a top ten law school and end up having to go to India to find work, your law school shouldn’t just forgive all of your debts — it should forgive all your debts and furnish you with a public apology.

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