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Why Unemployed Lawyers Shouldn’t Go On Reality TV Shows — Exhibit A: Victoria, of MTV’s Downtown Girls

Victoria of MTV's Downtown Girls

With job prospects bleak and the allure of fleeting fame high, some lawyers have considered sending their résumés to reality TV show casting companies instead of legal recruiters. But competition is tough in the realm of trashy television, too.

One unemployed New York lawyer is living the reality TV star dream. Meet Victoria. She is one of the stars of Downtown Girls, a new MTV series about hot girls living in TriBeCa. Sounds like a winner!

Let’s take a look at her bio:

An aspiring attorney, Victoria is Shallon’s other roommate, whose eccentric ways provide a source of rattlebrained comic relief. Victoria recently graduated from law school and is currently awaiting the results of her second attempt at the bar exam. Like her roommates, Victoria is also single, and is infamously known as the “queen of the first date.”

Really? You’re going to include the fact that you failed the bar exam in your MTV website bio?

Can it get worse?

It can. The show requires that she talk.

In this recap of the first episode, Victoria and her hottie friends lament the fact that they’ve already “dated every available guy in Manhattan.” Too bad none of them have dated a hiring partner who might hook Victoria up with a job. (Maybe she should apply to Boies Schiller, where associates get more than one bite at the bar exam apple.)

Here’s the women’s innovative idea on how to deal with being single:

An ex swap! That’s as bad an idea as… going on a reality TV show as a newbie law grad. One of the wise ones — who has a boyfriend — recognizes the dangers, but is overruled.

Victoria warns, though, that she is a “jealous bi-atch.” We’re not sure exactly of the plot machinations, but the girls wind up bowling and Victoria proceeds to get drunk and make out with someone at the bowling alley:

We don’t get to see Victoria actually bowl, but it looks like she’s great at throwing career gutter balls.

More Photos of Victoria [MTV]

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