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Comment of the Day: The ATL Operator

From Morning Docket:

Welcome to Above the Law’s telephone message service. This service is for people who do not have internet access from their cellular phones. Comments made through this system will be placed randomly in each thread, because really, who gives a s**t anymore?

To make a “TTT” accusation, press 1.
To make a cutting remark about about Elie Mystal’s poor grammar and/or obesity, press 2.
To make a gay joke about David Lat, press 3.
To sexually harass Kashmir Hill, press 4.
To make an angry, incoherent comment about “liberals”, press 5.
To make an outrageously bigoted remark you wouldn’t dare make in public, press 6.
To make a comment which betrays your ignorance of history, economics, or whatever other subject is being discussed, press 7.
To post a random, unrelated news story, press 8, or just go to or something.

To make a witty, reasoned, well-informed comment, please remain on the line; an operator will be with you shortly. While you wait, you may want to philosophically examine your current life, with specific focus on why you continue to associate with the people who pressed 1 through 8.

Bravo, Anonymous Coward. And a reminder to our readers to enter the comments section at their own risk (though there are some gems there, such as this one).

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