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Jay Leno Drops a MoFo

Lawyers have been all up in The Tonight Show’s grill this year, thanks to the Jay Leno – Conan O’Brien smackdown. But the lawyers were relegated to an off-screen role. Jay Leno never name-checked Gibson Dunn (that we know of) for repping NBC and helping to put him back on his throne.

Another Biglaw firm did get a shout-out from Leno on Monday night, though. During his headlines bit, Leno got laughs thanks to Morrison & Foerster.

What funny business did they get up to?

It’s that which is always funny about the firm: their moniker. Here’s the video — go to the 2:00 mark:

“Lawyers for the global age. They call themselves MoFo,” said Leno. “Call my MoFo lawyer and get him down here!”

Watch out, Gibson Dunn.

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