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Which Firms Aren’t Having 2011 Summer Associate Programs?

On-campus interviewing for 2011 summer associate positions is getting underway, or about to get underway, at many law schools. And this OCI process will give us some insight into what different firms are up to and how they are doing.

The OCI schedules can shed light on several questions. Which firms are ramping up hiring — even to the extent of interviewing 3Ls — and which firms are canceling their summer associate programs? Within a firm, which offices are growing their summer programs, and which offices are shrinking them?

If you have news about a 2011 summer program cancellation, please email us.

Earlier today, a source at UVA Law passed along this email from the career services office:

From: [UVA Career Services Office]
Date: Fri, Jul 23, 2010
Subject: McGuireWoods – Time-Sensitive

McGuireWoods has informed us that it will not be having a summer program this year in its DC or Tysons Corner offices. The firm would be pleased to interview you for either Charlotte or Richmond. If you are interested, please let us know so that we can modify your bid. To the extent that you used a Top 5 bid for DC or Tyson’s Corner, you can either move up your #6 bid into the top 5 or have a top 5 bid for the McGuireWoods Charlotte or Richmond office. But we need to know your preference before the end of the weekend. If we do not hear from you, we will promote your #6 bid to a top 5 bid.

A firm spokesperson confirmed that McGuireWoods is not hosting summer programs in D.C. or Tysons Corner next year. He pointed out, however, that the firm is having a program in Chicago (in addition to Charlotte and Richmond).

UPDATE: The firm didn’t have summer programs in D.C. or Tysons Corner in 2010 either, so it is not accurate to say — as the original headline for this post said — that the firm “cancel[ed]” its 2011 summer programs in these offices. The programs were canceled back in 2010 and simply not restored for 2011. (It’s unclear why UVA students were invited to interview for 2011 summer programs in these two offices in the first place.)

It’s worth noting that the firm’s Washington and Tysons Corner offices are not huge. The McGuireWoods website lists just 34 lawyers practicing exclusively in D.C. and 57 practicing exclusively in Tysons. (Some attorneys have offices in multiple cities.)

In addition, many of the firm’s most prominent partners are based elsewhere. The 2010 edition of the Chambers USA guide recognized 61 McGuireWoods lawyers as top practitioners in their fields. But of the 61 — an impressive number — just five are based in Tysons, and none in Washington.

If you have news about a 2011 summer program cancellation, you can send it to us by email (subject line: “[Firm Name] Summer Cancellation”). Thanks.

McGuireWoods Achieves Several Top Rankings in Chambers USA for 2010 [McGuireWoods (press release)]

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