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More Kimberly Kourt News for Evening Readers

Yesterday we wrote about a family lawyer who posed nude for Playboy. She’s the mag’s “Employee of the Month.” Here’s the Not Safe for Work (NSFW) link.

There were some questions as to whether this woman was actually a lawyer. Why would people think that? Getting naked in Playboy casting doubt on one’s legal credentials? Hogwash.

In fact, a reader has stepped forward to say that “Kimberly Kourt” (not her real name) went to a very fine law school…

In response to our request for more information about this “I have a ridiculous porn name” attorney, a source informed us:

Because it’ll probably give you a laugh, I’ll let you know where the Playboy lawyer went to school: University of Arkansas.

The classiest state in the nation, obviously. She also goes by “KimberlyKupKake,” which has just the right number of Ks in it to make me uncomfortable.

Yes, yes I am laughing.

The commenters have also been looking into Kimberly Kourt. But they haven’t been particularly concerned with her educational background:

Elie’s got a nicer rack than that.

In fact I do.

Very disappointed that I went to all of the trouble of closing the door to my office and breaking out the lotion (well, joking about the second part) for a chick who isn’t even law school hot


But some people liked Kourt’s “retro” look:

Maybe I’m just a sucker for that look, but I think that she is quite sexy. Quite a departure from the normal Playboy type and much hotter than the divorce attorney with the fake GG breasts who was on a billboard. She’s definitely real-world hot, not just lawyer hot.

The “divorce attorney with the fake GG breasts” was a reference to Corri Fetman. We can debate all night about preferred physiques, but I wonder which one is a better divorce attorney. Based on this limited information, if I had to choose (please God don’t ever put me in a position where I’d have to choose), I think Fetman comes through as more of the kind of scorched-earth attorney you need when you are trying to take half of your spouse’s stuff. Kourt looks a little too… nice.

Only one commenter owned up to actually knowing what Kimberly looks like with clothes on:

Yikes. I’ve met this one. *hides eyes*

How polite. If one of my attractive legal friends posed nude for Playboy, I would definitely avert my eyes. Because I’m married a gentleman.

In any event, we posted this follow up in the evening in case there are other people who are no longer in the office and want to click on the link below and take a look.

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