Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 07.23.10

Shirley Sherrod = tl;dr

HELP WANTED: We are looking for a writer to take over Morning Docket duties from the three of us. To learn more and apply, please see this post (a prior solicitation for MD writer applications). The only difference is that now the post comes with a modest monthly stipend.

* What can we learn from the Shirley Sherrod ridiculousness? [Associated Press]

* Charlie Rangel will face a public trial on various tax and ethics violations. [CNN]

* Immediate fallout from financial reform. []

* New York State wants some money from Merrill Lynch and BoA. [Courthouse News Service]

* Indian law schools are on the cutting edge of transgendered self-identification. [ABA Journal]

* Americans are getting dumber relative to the rest of the world. [New York Times]

* Darth Vader has been reduced to common thievery. [NY Daily News]

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