Non-Sequiturs: 07.15.10

* Goldman Sachs settles with the SEC — for $550 million dollars. That’s gotta go down as a big “LOSS” for GS. [Wall Street Journal via Dealbreaker]

* Former O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Shapiro is the latest addition to Team LiLo. At this point, I’m thinking of going to jail for 90 days just to escape Lindsay Lohan legal updates. [ABA Journal]

* Another victory for gay marriage. Honestly, what are the opponents of gay marriage really hoping for at this point? History is on the march. [Metroweekly]

* Ain’t no party like a Toronto law firm party, because a Toronto law firm party don’t stop. [National Post]

* Associate general counsel of Lexmark has a beautiful mind and real artistic talent. And/or he’s totally freaking nuts. [Lexington Herald-Leader]

*Tucker Carlson now owns Keith Olbermann. [Domain Name Wire]

* Work-life balance is a thing of the past. [True / Slant]

* Scroll down to the last bullet on this page. It’s about a bra that can be used to smuggle wine. Yea that I have lived to see such wonders. [Fashionista]

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