Non-Sequiturs: 07.21.10

* Last month, we asked if cheerleading is a sport. A judge has answered, “no.” [CT Post]

* Two words that should never be in the same sentence: “botched” and “circumcision.” [Bad Lawyer]

* Now that the FCC has been stopped in its anti-speech tracks, can the rest of television become as good as HBO? Because if I have to see one more promo for Rizzoli & Isles I’m going to have to burn my Abbie Carmichael blow-up doll. [Infamy or Praise]

* Here’s some deposition advice. Learning practical lawyering skills will be good for people who can no longer count on a few years of brainless doc. review while they get their feet wet. [What About Clients?]

* Try becoming a “shadow elite.” It’s like a ninja only much less cool. [Law and More]

* Is anybody else sick of real Lindsay Lohan news? Don’t worry. Today we bring you fake Lindsay Lohan news. [Laws for Attorneys]

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