Non-Sequiturs: 07.26.10

* The Feds are still interested in Barry Bonds. Not the Nats, the Feds. [WSJ Law Blog]

* When wrestling with the bimodal salary distribution curve, George Mason law professor Ilya Somin points out that the curve shifts rightward when you take into account yearly pay raises. Fair enough. But wouldn’t the curve shift significantly to the left if we looked at all the J.D.s who had a starting salary of $0? [Volokh Conspiracy]

* Kash threatens Jeff Rosen with a buggy whip. [True/Slant]

* Working from home is occasionally awesome, but it gets distracting if you do it all the time. [Legal Blog Watch]

* Next up in the Robert Wone case: the civil suit. [Who Murdered Robert Wone?]

* Jones Day will be coming to Northwestern a month later than everybody else. I fail to see the “bold”-ness of this move. [ABA Journal]

* Twenty years of the Americans with Disabilities Act. [LoTempio Law Blog via Blawg Review]

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