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One Person’s Guide to Passing the Bar with Minimal Effort

Ann Althouse did it. So can you. (Photo by Richard Lawrence Cohen.)

We are getting very close to bar exam time. Some of you might be thinking that there’s not enough time left. Some of you might be resigned to the fact that you will fail the bar and all your friends will know about it and make jokes about you when you’re not in the room.

Well, if you do fail, jokes will be made at your expense. But there’s still more than enough time to pass. Above the Law received an email from a reader who passed the California bar exam on his first try. The reader took the time to document just how long he spent studying for the test. The total commitment? Under 90 hours.

And that’s for the California February bar, a test that has a passage rate just north of “utterly pathetic.”

So how did he do it? The reader shares his study plan with all of you who are coming into bar prep crunch time…

The reader set out his study plan in a way that will look familiar to most lawyers:

Remember that scene in The Firm where all the partners are slamming Tom Cruise with bar prep work while he’s trying to hold down a job? Well, it doesn’t have to be like that, guys:

Bang. Ninety hours, people. And a bunch of that time involved actually taking the freaking test.

Now this guy’s program won’t work for everybody. But you do have enough time to pull this out. You can do this. REMAIN CALM. STOP PANICKING. You don’t have to fail and bring shame upon your family and ancestors.

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