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The Burqa Ban: Law Professors Discuss

I’ve already shared with you my views on the burqa (views that weren’t popular with some of our more politically correct and/or sensitive readers). And you’ve already voted in a reader poll on efforts to ban the burqa, showing that 60 percent of you are wimps do not support France’s effort to ban the burqa.

Now some law professors have weighed in on the burqa ban. In a piece earlier this month for the Opinionator blog of the New York Times, University of Chicago law professor Martha Nussbaum offered a thoughtful critique of the burqa ban.

Over the weekend, two other prominent law professors — Richard Epstein, Nussbaum’s colleague at U. Chicago, and John Yoo, of Berkeley — jumped into the fray….

Although Yoo and Epstein are both known for their strong opinions — see this earlier post for their views on the bar exam and legal education, for example — they don’t seem to have made up their minds completely on the burqa issue. Check out their (rather nuanced) thoughts over at Ricochet. (The best way to get their comments to show up in the long thread is to “hide” the member comments, leaving only the comments from contributors to the site, like Epstein and Yoo.)

Veiled Threats? [Opinionator]
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