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Are You Ready for Some Fantasy Football?

You know fantasy football has taken over the American consciousness when a fake lawyer threatening fake sanctions in an ad campaign makes the news. This morning the ABA Journal ran a profile of Norman Tugwater, a fantasy sports lawyer played by Gary Busey:

“I’m getting ready to clean up with the mop of justice,” Tugwater proclaims in his YouTube video. “If you refuse to pay our athletes, we’ll come find you, and squeeze it out of you like a tube of toothpaste.”

Tugwater is actually actor Gary Busey, and his video is part of an ad campaign for VitaminWater. “I don’t think twice about coming after fantasy owners. In fact, I rarely think at all,” he writes on Twitter. He continues the taunts on Facebook, where he proclaims, “I wrote the book on fantasy sports law. I also have the only copy.”

That’s right, America is so into fantasy football that Gary Busey is getting work.

I’ve kept my head in the sand regarding fantasy football for a long time. But I can’t ignore it any longer. Let Gary Busey inspire you up below, and then join in ATL’s first reader-only fantasy football league…

First, check out the video. It features a totally bats**t crazy Busey, an affable Adrian Peterson, the always brilliant off-the-court Shaq, and an extremely well-endowed woman (who I imagine is portraying some sort of paralegal):

I kind of wish this Gary Busey had played private investigator Eddie Lomax in The Firm; then Shaq could have played the guy he shoots in the knee who partners with the Albino.

In any event, I’m fired up. Let’s talk Above the Law Fantasy Football. As I mentioned on Twitter this morning, I’m wondering if there is reader interest out there in a league. Any takers? We’ll do standard scoring rules, but we’re going to do an auction instead of a draft because every single person who has done an auction prefers it over a snake draft.

If you’re interested, email me at Expect space to be limited, so give me a sentence or two about why you want to be in the league (“early adopters” who follow us on Twitter are already in). It should be fun, and if not, league participants will quickly turn on each other with biting criticism and snark. Good times.

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Norman Tugwater: Fantasy Sports Law [Facebook]

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