Non-Sequiturs: 08.23.10

* What the hell can a zombie do with settlement money? [Legal Blog Watch]

* The city of Philadelphia is trying to get $300 out of people in order to purchase a private license to blog. Yeah, a blog license. I’m now accepting rewritten histories that place the Constitutional Convention somewhere other than Philadelphia. [The Examiner]

* Meanwhile, Cleveland is going to start fining people $100 if they don’t recycle — and the thing keeping track will be the trash cans themselves. Petty government continues to be much more scary than big government. [Cleveland Plain Dealer via Instapundit]

* Five questions lateral job seekers should be ready to answer.  [Going Concern]

*Courtroom artists don’t need to be inside the courtroom? That makes sense, since most lawyers don’t know what a courtroom looks like anyway. [New York Times]

* Which lies matter? [ACSBlog]

* Today is the day we’re supposed to reflect on the slave trade. You know what that means: analogies about how being a Biglaw associate is kind of like slavery. [Law is Cool via Blawg Review]

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