Non-Sequiturs: 08.24.10

* What’s the matter with Kansas Georgia? First the judges, and now the cops (who have been accused of racial profiling in a new lawsuit). [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

* In other Georgia legal news, a federal judge has issued a 172-page opinion finding that convicted cop killer Troy Davis is not actually innocent. [SCOTUSblog via Sentencing Law and Policy]

* Fashion industry lawyer Anne Sterba explains why Madonna, the original “Material Girl,” can be successfully sued for trademark infringement relating to her “Material Girl” clothing line. [Fashionista]

* Not all lawyers go off the clock while on the can; why should factory workers? [Adjunct Law Prof Blog]

* Some thoughts from Nicole Black on how large law firms can use social media. [Sui Generis]

* Why is Obama so darn hard to mock? [Althouse]

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