* The third time proves the charm for prosecutors pursuing New Jersey right-wing blogger Hal Turner, who was convicted on Friday of threatening three illustrious Seventh Circuit judges. [AP via Chicago Tribune]

* In other Chicago-related news, the actual jury in Rod Blagojevich’s corruption trial is still out — but the court of public opinion may be somewhat sympathetic to the disgraced governor. [New York Times]

* President Barack Hussein Obama defends the right to build a mosque near Ground Zero — in remarks at a Ramadan dinner, natch. [Washington Post]

* First Cadwalader. Then Cravath. And now… the Brooklyn DA’s office. BEDBUGS!!! [Gothamist]

* Additional thoughts on GPS surveillance and the Fourth Amendment, via Charlie Savage. [New York Times]

* Yale law professor Peter Schuck has an interesting proposal for reforming birthright citizenship. [New York Times]

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