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Anti-Semitism and the Sun God Ra Afflict New York Area Law Schools

Ra the Sun God could be seeking revenge on the Hebrews

The new school year is off to a rocky start at Cardozo and NYU Law. One school is dealing with a rash of anti-Semitism, while the other can’t seem to execute basic building maintenance.

If you had to guess which school was dealing with hate speech against Jews, you’d guess Cardozo, right? Since Cardozo is the law school for Yeshiva University, it would be at least logical if anti-Semites focused their energies there. But you’d be wrong; never assume hate-mongers are able to form and execute logical thoughts. This year’s early anti-Semitism is happening at NYU, as the New York Post reports:

The NYPD Hate Crimes task force is investigating an anti-Semitic scrawl at NYU Law.

Cleaning staff found “Damn Orthodox Jews” scrawled in a first-floor men’s room at 40 Washington Square South at 1:45 p.m. Monday.

Cops are poring over surveillance videos.

Forty Washington Square South is the address of the main NYU Law building. It’s probably not the #1 address where Orthodox Jews gather to learn about the law, but expecting a graffiti-scrawling hatemonger to be able to grasp even basic facts is like asking a dog to know not to lick his ass in public.

Meanwhile, the New York City law school most strongly associated with Orthodox Jews is dealing with an altogether different kind of oppression….

For the second time in less than a year, Cardozo Law School can’t get its air conditioning situation under control. Back in April, when it first started warming up in New York, we devoted an entire post to Cardozo’s oppressive room temperature during spring OCI. You’d think they’d be embarrassed; you’d think they’d feel guilty about putting their already stressed and under-employed students in a sweat lodge. You’d think they’d vow to never let it happen again. Here was the school’s explanation for last spring’s maintenance malfunction:

We apologize for the conditions in the building due to the warm weather. The unusually warm temperatures arrived before the Law School could complete the scheduled start-up of the building’s air conditioning system for the season.

That was in April. Now we’re in August — er, September. You can’t claim you were “unprepared” for the end of the hottest summer ever in New York City. And yet here’s the message that the entire law school received earlier this week from Judy Mender, Dean of Students:

I wish that I could tell you that the air conditioning is up and running.
Unfortunately, it is not, and I don’t have definitive news for you.
The a/c company, Trane, is hopeful that they will be able to restart the a/c in the morning, but there is no guarantee of this. We have additional staff coming in the morning to consult as well.
We are drawing from the Time Equities side of the building tonight, and we hope that it will cool the building significantly, which would be particularly helpful if our own a/c can take over in the morning.
I will send you an update in the morning, hopefully by 8 a.m.
As a general matter, be sure that you drink plenty of water while temperatures are high.
Thank you all so much for your incredible patience!

Is there some kind of rule against working air conditioning that I’m not aware of? Is this part of a new campaign to get more Amish students at ‘dozo?

(If you are an Amish person offended by the last sentence, please consider that you’re not supposed to be using the internet in the first place.)

Just like last spring, this is happening just at the time recruiters are on campus to interview Cardozo students. If there’s anything a recruiter wants to do, it’s to sit in a room that’s the temperature of an Easy-Bake Oven, while hordes of desperate 2Ls roll past him. Good luck “making an impression” on a interviewer when all he can think about it is whether he should drink his ice water or pour it down the front of his pants.

The students at Cardozo are, understandably, pissed off:

The administration has been making various excuses since the weekend, and has attempted to appease us with cold bottles of Dasani and kosher ice cream. But the students are growing increasingly disgruntled.

[You have] the latest plea for clemency from Dean Judy Mender. What shocks me is that thousands of people are expected to show up tomorrow and sit in 80+ degree classrooms, some of which have no windows.

When I collapse of heat stroke and sue the school, it is going to be epic.

Here’s my solution: let’s find the hate monger from NYU and make him sit in a windowless room at Caradozo for a week with only “Damn Orthodox kosher ice cream” to keep him cool. In exchange for Cardozo helping NYU with its hate problem, NYU Law can offer Cardozo some nice, air-conditioned rooms for OCI. It’s a win-win.

P.S. This assumes, of course, that NYU has gotten its air-conditioning act together….

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