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Career Center: Feel-Good Firm Summer Programs

Want to know where the happy summer associates work?  More importantly, want to know if the happy summer associates eventually turn into happy full-time associates?  Click on the Career Center links below to find out.

  • Bragging rights go to this Wall Street firm’s summer associates, who say they do substantive and high-profile work, but have reasonable hours, get 100% offers, and have no start date deferrals.
  • Summer associates at this firm reaped the benefits of an 80% decrease in summer class size, reporting that they were “impressed” by how often the assigning attorneys took time to go over their assignments and offer suggestions.
  • Praises abound for this firm’s summer program, which summer associates say offers “excellent hours,” “easy access to a broad range of real, substantive assignments,” and “the positive sense you get…that people actually enjoy their jobs.

For information on summer programs and associate life at all the top firms, visit the Career Center.