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Career Center: More Summer Program Profiles

About to head out for that call-back interview? See if that firm is one of the profiled firms listed below. While you’re at it, go to the Career Center, and browse through the profiles for more in-depth information on all the major firms.

  • The summer associates at this firm describe the full-time attorneys as “extremely friendly” and always eager to help. Summer associates here also really enjoy the social events because they usually leave the office by 6:00 p.m. and are not assigned BlackBerrys.
  • 100% of the 2009 summer associates at this 160-year old firm received full-time offers. While there are plenty of professional training opportunities, summer associates here are advised to “manage-up” when it comes to handling work assignments.
  • The summer experience of the East Coast and West Coast summer associates vary widely at this firm. Still, summer associates on both coasts can attend unlimited firm lunches and usually enjoy the firm’s “low-key” social events.
  • Even though this firm is opening new international offices, it still takes the time to focus on its summer program. Summer associates praise the firm for providing a great balance of real work assignments and fun social events. In addition to constant informal feedback, summer associates also get plenty of partner contact and free lunches throughout the program.
  • No smoke and mirrors at this “Magic Circle” firm, where summer associates are treated the same as full-time associates and expected to produce the same quality of work. But it’s not all work here, as the firm flies its U.S. summer associates to its London office for a firm-retreat, in addition to standard social events.

For information on summer programs and associate life at all the top firms, visit the Career Center.