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Career Center: Summer Programs to Approach With Caution

If you’re looking for brutally honest opinions about the summer programs at the top law firms, head on over to the Career Center.  Here are some examples of what you’ll find there:

  • Although this firm had one of the largest summer associate classes in 2010, a high offer rate in 2009, and no start date deferrals, summer associates still couldn’t slack off, since “the standard for most assignments is perfection” and “the pressure is on” to get an offer.

  • Summer associates get the real associate treatment at this firm’s summer program, but only those fortunate enough to land an offer — and not have it rescinded — will actually get to join the first-year associate ranks.
  • Despite making 100% offers to this year’s summer class, summer associates at this firm may not be so quick to accept them, warning that they were not given “real” work assignments and that associate morale was “through the floor.”

For information on summer programs and associate life at all the top firms, visit the Career Center.