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Ode to an Adjunct Professor

Craigslist might have had to close down its adult section, but its Missed Connections area is still alive and kicking.

And that’s a good thing, at least for one UC Hastings law student who had one stimulating lecture with an adjunct law professor teaching intellectual property. The lady was quite taken by the guest lecturer, as the title to her Missed Connections post implies:

You: Adjunct law professor unjustly enriching my imagination – w4m – 25

That’s just the headline. The body of the note is much more steamy.

Maybe not New York Jets talking to Ines Sainz sexy-talk, but pretty damn explicit for an IP law class, taking place on a lazy day out in California…

I’m not sure what, if any, rules they have at Hastings about professors getting down with law students. But the professor might want to check whatever handbook of professorial conduct applies to UC Hastings Law:

You gave a guest lecture on trade secret remedies in my intellectual property survey class this afternoon (and also two weeks ago). Since I’m planning to take your class in the spring, and you actually have a practice, I’m not going to use any mortifyingly identifying details. But you know who you are.

It’s hard to concentrate on taking notes while basking in your reflected southern charm – I’m torn between offering you a mint julep or an opportunity to reverse engineer my pants. Plus, it looks like the reasonable royalty in your jeans could do some exemplary damage to my downstream liability. I’d love to meet up outside of class and listen to you tell me more about what kind of injunctive relief you can offer — preferably over a rare steak and bottle of cab (but I know how you feel about overly broad proposed orders). Afterwards, I would enjoin you from going home alone and keep you impounded in my bed for hours. Or you could independently derive me up against a wall. Your choice. Either way, disclosure would be inevitable.

Bottom line: not only is there no fence around this trade secret, I’m readily ascertainable, and dying to be in your public domain. So consider yourself on notice.

That’s hot. And well-written. But mostly just goddamn hot.

Something tells me that the southern gentleman moonlighting on the west coast does in fact know who he is. We all know how hard it is for a law lady to find a date these days; let’s hope the adjunct prof replies to the posting and gives the girl a chance. Her writing is impressive, but it sounds like she has other skills worth sampling.

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