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The Rundown: The Week in Legal Technology 9.24.10

We are at the end of another busy week in the world of legal technology. A major acquisition of a legal technology company took place. The DC Bar is expanding its interest in e-discovery. I do a quick update on a conference I attended last week. There are also a few articles I want to mention — one on the interface of lawyers and technology, another on “perils and pitfalls,” and a third on prenups. Yep, prenups.

So, on with the Rundown…

Let’s start this week with a tweet from the folks over at logik that sums up something very true about e-discovery in general.

eDiscovery is a symptom of humans being natural packrats. you never know when you might need something. might as well save it. oops.

* Document Technologies Inc. (DTI) has acquired Daticon EDD making DTI a $130 million dollar company. According to their press release, “DTI now has the capacity to process 4.5 terabytes of data on a daily basis and host 1.4 petabytes of data for document review.”

Please allow me to “geek talk” for a few moments. The flowchart below of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) was created by a team of lawyers led by attorneys George Socha of Socha Consulting and Tom Gelbmann. The model is useful because it helps portray how more legal technology companies are moving quickly to the right of the EDRM. In other words, they are moving from the processing side over to the review side.

* The latest company to make this move is Epiq Systems, which has recently opened a review site in New York City. The site will be managed by Epiq VP (and former Kaye Scholer associate and Pfizer counsel) Laura Kibbe.

* The DC Bar will be hosting a panel on Tuesday evening entitled “Effectively Navigating The E-Discovery Process with a Government Agency.” The event will include agency reps from the DOJ, FTC, and SEC.

*The EMC Writers Summit conference was held in New York City last week, which I attended. It was an honor to be invited back. Laurence Hart writes a good summary of the one-day conference here. As I mentioned last week, Ralph Losey, Jackson Lewis partner and noted e-discovery guru presented on various legal issues.

* The Posse List does a great write-up on how lawyers must get more acclimated to technology, especially in dealing with e-discovery. They have also partnered with Orange Legal Technologies to create a list of upcoming legal technology events.

*Martha Hicks writes about, in New York, pre-nuptial agreements are becoming subject to e-discovery. (Gavel Bang: Jeff Fehrman of Integreon)

*Lastly, putting all of your computing eggs in one basket is one of seven pitfalls to avoid that John Roman, the director of technology for Nixon Peabody, outlines in Law Technology News when dealing with virtual machines. Other pitfalls and perils include anti-virus/malware programs and configuration management.

Gabe Acevedo is an attorney in Washington, D.C. and the owner of the e-discovery blog, He also writes on legal technology and discovery issues for Above The Law. He can be reached at

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