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Who Let the Dog Out? Not the Yale Law Library

U Can't Touch This (dog).

Earlier this week, we reported on the Yale Law School library apparently allowing students to “check out” a stress-relieving dog named Monty, for 30-minute periods. This precious pet perk was not offered during my time at YLS (but we barely had a library for two years, due to extensive construction).

Alas, the commenter who noted that “Monty has been withdrawn” appears to be correct. The link to Monty’s catalog entry is dead.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Booktryst blog explains why….

[T]his balm for frayed nerves proved so dangerously addictive that by September 14 it had been withdrawn from the shelves. Now Law Librarian Julian Aiken is denying the entire episode, claiming: “I’m not quite sure where Above the Law got its information from, but we have not actually proceeded with circulating Monty.”

This actually makes perfect sense. Monty is a border terrier mix, and only bulldogs are allowed to circulate at Yale. Boola boola!

Untested Tranquilizer Circulates At Yale Library [Booktryst / Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

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