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A Sign of Improvement in the Chicago Legal Market?

The economy is (hopefully) on the mend. The recession is officially over.

There are signs of recovery in the legal sector, too. For example, law firms are giving away iPads to young associates. Such generosity seems very 2007 (if iPads had existed back then).

Meanwhile, in the less glamorous world of Craigslist postings of legal jobs, things are also improving….

A few months ago, we wrote about a Chicago Craigslist ad seeking recent law school grads to work at a litigation firm. The pay: $10 an hour. For holders of J.D. degrees.

Well, things are looking up in the Windy City. Now the Craigslist Chicago board features job postings offering lawyers the lavish wage of $13 to $17 an hour, depending on experience.

Woo-hoo! That’s a 30 to 70 percent increase over the $10 per hour that used to be the bottom of the Craigslist market for lawyer pay. Things are getting better. Chicago to 190!

But wait. The $10 an hour ad was for recent law school grads. To earn the princely sum of $13 per hour, more is required:

The ideal candidate will have a JD from a law school and be a member in good standing of the Illinois bar. A minimum of 3 years of litigation experience in all phases of litigation. This position involves heavy discovery and motion practice. Strong factual and legal research and writing skills are required.

Yup, that’s right: if you’re an experienced litigator, you can earn $13 an hour. On an annualized basis, assuming 40 hours a week and no weeks off, you’re talking about $27,000 a year.

Interestingly enough, the job posting is from a firm that specializes in foreclosure defense and consumer bankruptcy. Is the firm actually seeking employees, or is this ad just a creative way to look for potential clients?

(Too bad student loans generally aren’t dischargeable in bankruptcy….)

Experienced Litigation Attorney (Oak Brook, Illinois) [Craigslist – Chicago]

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