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Did Judge Jack Camp Pay for Coke, Pot — and Sex?

Judge Jack Camp: Don't be fooled by his grandfatherly exterior.

The allegations against Judge Jack Camp (N.D. Ga.), which we mentioned earlier today, are far more salacious than we expected. In fact, they’re hard to believe.

“Learned Paw” posted this tongue-in-cheek comment, inspired by Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, on our earlier post:

I am not surprised by the bust of Judge Camp, considering the last trip I took with him. We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a saltshaker half-full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers . . . Also, a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of beer, a pint of raw ether, and two dozen amyls. Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get into locked a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The only thing that really worried me was the ether….

There’s no indication that the 67-year-old Judge Camp tried ether. But if the allegations of law enforcement are to be believed, Learned Paw / Hunter S. Thompson is not far off the mark.

According to the criminal complaint in the case, Judge Camp used a wide range of controlled substances — in the company of an exotic dancer / prostitute, who turned out to be a confidential informant….

Judge Camp’s arrest and the allegations against His Honor are covered in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and (WXIA), among other outlets. Of the two, WXIA has the juicier write-up:

According to officials, in Spring 2010 Judge Camp propositioned a confidential informant who was working as a private dancer at the Gold Rush show bar on Metropolitan Parkway. Officials say, the confidential informant offered him a private dance in the VIP. Camp bought one, officials say.

So far, so good. Getting a lap dance is not a crime — and there is precedent for a federal judge getting his gavel raised at a strip club. Remember ex-federal judge Edward Nottingham, former chief judge for the District of Colorado, who blew through $3,000 at a strip club over two days?

But Judge Camp didn’t stop with a lap dance, authorities allege:

Officials say, Judge Camp returned following day to purchase another dance, only this time, he allegedly paid the informant in exchange for sex as well. That night, Judge Camp asked the informant what kind of drugs she was taking. She told him cocaine. He asked if she had any more. According to reports, she did.

Officials say Camp paid $40-$50 for cocaine, then snorted it in front of her.

Federal officials paint a picture of sex and drugs that only grew. On increasing occasions, they say, Judge Camp paid the informant in exchange for sex. Camp would often buy and use cocaine, oxycodone, and marijuana when they were together, they allege.

Judge Camp’s lawyer, Bill Morrison, declined to comment on the drug charges. As for the other stuff, he said it was “between [Judge Camp] and his wife”.

We’re working on more detailed coverage. If you have firsthand information about Judge Camp that you can share with us — perhaps you clerked for him, or appeared before him — please email us (subject line: “Judge Jack Camp”), or text us, or call us.

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