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Harvard Club Rejects Eliot Spitzer (aka Client No. 9)

Eliot Spitzer: Harvard Club reject

In April, we reported that Eliot Spitzer — former governor and attorney general of New York, until he resigned from office in the wake of a prostitution scandal — was applying for admission to the Harvard Club of New York. Spitzer graduated from Harvard Law School in 1984.

Well, the jury has reached a verdict for the ex-prosecutor — and the news for Spitzer is not good. His application was rejected earlier this year, according to an article by Sewell Chan and Nicholas Confessore of the New York Times.

So what did Spitzer, famously known as Client No. 9, have to say about his rejection?

Through a spokesperson, Lisa Linden, Spitzer described the decision as “disappointing.” Linden added: “Last year, Harvard asked Eliot to speak on ethics at the school. He supports the institution financially. It would seem that whoever made this decision at the club is not on the same page as the university itself.”

Spitzer “supports the institutional financially.” That’s nice of him (and not hard to do, given the Spitzer family fortune, which reaches into the nine figures). But if there’s anything Eliot should have learned over the past few years, it’s that money can’t buy you love.

The Harvard Club of New York declined to comment on the decision, citing the confidential nature of the admissions committee’s decisions.

It’s too bad for Spitzer; his image rehabilitation was going well as of late. His new show on CNN, Parker Spitzer, recently debuted, making him a respectable member of the media and journalism establishment.

Sure, the critical reviews have been mixed, and the ratings have been dismal. But who ever got yanked from CNN over lousy ratings?

Spitzer’s Harvard Club Application? Rejected [New York Times]

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