Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 10.12.10

* The road to hell foreclosure is paved with good intentions… and fraudulent paperwork. [Wall Street Journal; DealBook / New York Times]

* A 9/11 first responder is the first to sue the Park51 mosque’s imam, citing ties to terrorism. [New York Post]

* Thanks to the First Amendment, you soon might be able to lie your unpatriotic ass off about being a war hero. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Looking for a place to slip and fall? With $50 million in settlement payouts, D.C. seems like a good city to do it. [Washington Post]

* Ex-CHiPs star Larry Wilcox has made a comeback in crime drama, but not exactly the kind that he expected. [DealBook / New York Times]

* In the Second Circuit, lawyers don’t need to have “known better” when suing over their student loan contracts. [Am Law Daily]

* Pro-life crisis centers in NYC will be forced to terminate their pregnancy scams if this new legislation passes in the City Council. [Wall Street Journal]

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