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Recent Bar Exam Results: Open Thread
AZ, CT, MI, PA, VA, WA — any others?

Nice torso -- no wonder he gets lucky.

Almost a month has passed since our last open thread devoted to bar exam results. So we have some catching up to do.

It’s not yet November, so California and New York test takers still have some time left to wait. But if you took the Massachusetts bar exam, release of the results is imminent, according to Stuff To Do During BarBri.

(Random aside: BAR/BRI isn’t the only provider of bar exam preparation services. For a comparison of BAR/BRI, Kaplan PMBR, and BarMax, see here — including the comments.)

Stuff To Do During BarBri attributes the Massachusetts mailing, said to be taking place tomorrow, to “the grape vine allegedly originating in the Massachusetts Superior Court.” So at this point it’s still rumor.

But we do have confirmed news of bar exam outcomes from other states….

This is not a comprehensive listing. Rather, it’s a listing of states that Above the Law readers happened to email us about. Click on the name of each state to be taken to a page with either the bar exam results or more information about when they were transmitted.

We’re sure we’ve missed several states. Feel free to mention them, with links to results pages, in the comments.

UPDATE: Other states that have released results, according to the comments, include Colorado, Delaware, Oregon, and Rhode Island.

Congratulations to everyone who passed, and good luck to folks who will have to take the bar exam again. You can celebrate your success or bemoan your misfortune, also in the comments.

Reliable Source: Spoiler Alert [Stuff To Do During BarBri]

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