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Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: Over Half of October Term 2011 Clerks Have Been Hired

With a new Term underway, the Supreme Court geeks among you might want to check out, and sign up for, FantasySCOTUS. You can read about it here and register here. (There’s also an educational version for the kiddies.)

The SCOTUS geeks among you might also be interested in the continued action on the law clerk hiring front. In the wake of last week’s post, we received news of several more hires for October Term 2011. Thanks to everyone who contacted us with information; we can’t perform this clearinghouse function without your help.

Without further ado, let’s look at the latest hires for OT 2011….

Apologies for the lack of color commentary on the latest SCOTUS clerk hires; I’m a bit rushed this afternoon. I need to leave the office early, go home, and put on my tuxedo, for tonight’s big event with Justice Alito.

So, in the interest of saving time, I’ve integrated the new clerks’ info directly into the list below. As for analysis, I invite all of you to fill the gap, by discussing trends — in terms of law schools, feeder judges, etc. — in the comments.

Please note that the Terms for some clerks are up in the air. If you can help resolve these ambiguities, or if you have any additions or corrections, please email us, subject line “SCOTUS Clerk Hiring,” or text us. Thanks!

OCTOBER TERM 2011 SUPREME COURT CLERK HIRES (as of October 13, 2010)

Chief Justice John G. Roberts
1. Colleen Roh (Harvard 2010 / Garland)
2. Hagan Scotten (Harvard 2010 / Kavanaugh)
3. ?
4. ?

Justice Antonin Scalia
1. Donald Burke (UVA 2008 / Kethledge)
2. Rebecca Krauss (Yale 2010 / Kavanaugh)
2. John Moran (UVA 2010 / Sutton)
4. Carl Marchioli (Harvard 2010 / Colloton)

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
1. Ishan Bhabha (Harvard 2009 / Garland)
2. Leah Litman (Michigan 2010 / Sutton)
3. ?
4. ?

Justice Clarence Thomas
1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?

Note: For October Term 2012, CT has hired Kenton Skarin (Northwestern 2009 / Wilkinson).

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
1. Benjamin Beaton (Columbia 2009 / Randolph)
2. Jennifer Clark (Georgetown 2008 / Tatel Tot)
3. Gerry Sinzdak (Berkeley 2008 / Berzon)
4. Rachel Wainer Apter (Harvard 2007 / Katzmann / Rakoff)

Justice Stephen G. Breyer
1. Jonathan Bressler (Harvard 2010 / Boudin)
2. Andrew Dawson (Stanford 2008 / W. Fletcher / C. Breyer)
3. ?
4. ?

Note: We’re not certain if Jonathan Bressler has been hired for OT 2011 or OT 2012.

Justice Samuel Alito
1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?

Justice Sonia Sotomayor
1. Scott Grinsell (Yale 2009 / Pooler)
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?

Note: We’re not certain if Scott Grinsell has been hired for OT 2011, OT 2012, or even OT 2013.

(Rumor: Justice Sotomayor has made SCOTUS offers to various people whom she originally hired to clerk for her at the Second Circuit.)

Justice Elena Kagan
1. Jeff Johnson (Harvard 2010 / Wilkinson)
2. Rakesh Kilaru (Stanford 2010 / Wilkinson)
3. Erica Ross (Stanford 2009 / Tatel / Bristow Fellow)
4. Jonathan Schneller (Harvard 2010 / Reinhardt)

Justice John Paul Stevens (retired)
1. Dina Mishra (Yale 2009 / Boudin)

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (retired):
1. ?

Justice David H. Souter (retired):
1. Matthew Tokson (Chicago 2008 / Randolph)

If you notice an error or omission, if you can fill in a blank, or if you have some information that we haven’t already reported, please email us (subject line: “SCOTUS clerk hiring”). Thanks.

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