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The Best Butt in Biglaw?

So, where’s it at?

Which firm is harboring the most luscious buttocks in all of Biglaw?

Might it be yours?

Well, do you live in Chi-town? Check out this posting from the Chicago Craigslist, an “m4m” (men seeking men) ad. It’s short and sweet:

Guy with Amazing Ass at Jenner & Block Event Today – m4m – 27 (downtown)

You had on a perfect pair of jeans that put your perfect ass on display at the lunch event at Jenner and Block today. I wanted to grab it so bad. If you’re reading this, please reply. I’ve got several inches of pleasure for ya.

There are a whole lot of asses at large law firms. But how many of them qualify as “amazing”?

Note that the “perfect” male ass can be found at Jenner & Block. No wonder Jenner got a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s just-released Corporate Equality Index.

Also — jeans? That’s a nice perk. Is every Friday “denim day” at Jenner? And do you have to make a donation to a charity, as at Dewey and Weil — a practice we commend, by the way — or can you wear jeans just for the heck of it?

Perhaps it depends on how nice your ass is. If yours is “perfect,” like the subject of this Craigslist posting, your denim wearing counts as pro bono.

P.S. If you’re at Jenner in Chicago and wondering if this ad might be referring to your buttocks, here’s a tip: if you have to ask, the answer is no.

UPDATE: According to a commenter:

Considering that the “event” at J&B was a luncheon presentation on “The Current State of LGBT Civil Rights: A Discussion of the Recent Cases Impacting Marriage Rights & LGBT Equality,” it should not be a surprise that it would generate this sort of Craigslist posting. However, since the event was open to the public, there is no guarantee that Mr. Hot Buns is a lawyer at J&B, or for that matter a lawyer at all.

Oh well. Jenner lawyers will have to settle for being at a firm with a great appellate practice.

Guy with Amazing Ass at Jenner & Block Event Today – m4m – 27 (downtown) [Craigslist]

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