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Who Is Yale Law School’s Most Disgraceful Graduate?
A gallery of seven rogues and a poll.


Positions: Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Alaska; former state magistrate; former federal magistrate; “Alaskan by choice” (per his campaign website).

The case for disgrace: In addition to the reasons cited by Bill Clinton, Miller has been involved in various reputation-damaging controversies. He hired his wife to work for him when he was serving as a federal magistrate judge — and then fired her, allowing her to collect unemployment (despite Miller’s opposition to entitlement programs). He apparently applied for a low-income hunting and fishing license after arriving in Alaska, even though his income wasn’t all that low. Some of his supporters sound like gun nuts.

The case against: These are all trivial scandals, molehills that have been turned into mountains by the professional left, and there are explanations for all of them. (See here for discussion of the low-income license and here for discussion of the nepotism controversy.)

Joe Miller is an honorable man and a distinguished public servant — a decorated veteran (Bronze Star), former state judge, and former federal judge — who just wants to continue serving the people of Alaska, this time as a U.S. Senator. Is that so wrong?

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