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Yes, We’ve Seen the Slate Article on Law Schools

So you want to go to law school....

It’s a very thorough compilation, for a general-interest audience, of developments that we’ve already covered in these pages. The subtitle sums up the piece quite well: “Law schools are manufacturing more lawyers than America needs, and law students aren’t happy about it.”

We’re not sure what else to say about it, since we’ve opined at length on many of these depressing realities: the cratering legal job market, the oversupply of lawyers, the rise in law school tuition, the crushing educational debt (generally not dischargeable in bankruptcy), the misleading data used by law schools to lure in students, and the American Bar Association’s inability (or refusal) to stop new law schools from sprouting like weeds….

But we do want to post the Slate piece — if for no reason other than to stop the flood of emails we’ve been getting that ask, “Have you seen this Slate article?” (And while we’re at it, YES, we have seen — and have already written about — the now-famous YouTube video, So You Want To Go to Law School.)

So check out Annie Lowrey’s Slate piece. This way, when your erudite Aunt Lizzie — the one who reads Slate, listens to NPR, and brings a recyclable tote bag with her to Trader Joe’s — tells you at Thanksgiving about this fascinating Slate piece she just read, saying that there are too many lawyers and law schools, you’ll know exactly what she’s talking about.

A Case of Supply v. Demand [Slate]

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