Non-Sequiturs: 11.16.10

The Nissan Leaf: a vehicle for theft?

* Should gay TSA agents be allowed to give “same-gender pat downs”? Only if they’re cute. [Christian News Wire]

* Is it “stealing” electricity to plug your Nissan Leaf into a parking garage’s electrical outlet? [Instapundit]

* Professor Orin Kerr asks: Have you ever cheated on a law school exam? [Volokh Conspiracy]

* If Ginni Thomas steps down from Liberty Central, can she still keep the foam hat? [WSJ Law Blog]

* Professor Larry Ribstein’s take on the big arbitration / preemption case currently pending before SCOTUS. [Truth on the Market]

* How to succeed in law school without really trying. Okay, you have to try. Here are some tips. [Lawyerist]

* The best kind of marketing (other than advertising on ATL, of course). [What About Clients?]

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